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Rachel Maddow Cuts Trump To The Bone With Stormy Daniels Hush Cash Evaluation



Rachel Maddow confirmed how Trump dedicated a criminal offense then had everybody bend over backward to guard him from prosecution, and the harm he has accomplished to the DOJ and the rule of legislation.


Maddow mentioned:

So this can be a crime that was dedicated in 2016. The final time it was in court docket was in 2018. The final time somebody went to jail for this crime was in 2019. Federal prosecutors bobbled it and so they concurrently blocked state prosecutors from pursuing it themselves for a very long time. There was additionally a bizarre interlude the place one Manhattan D.A., one New York state prosecutor began an investigation into this matter, after which a brand new prosecutor got here into workplace and stopped that investigation after which the brand new prosecutor restarted it a number of months later after among the legal professionals who had been engaged on Trump-related investigations stop in protest and did so loudly.

This has been a bizarre saga. This has been an on-again, off-again felony case. At its core it’s a easy crime. It’s a very comprehensible crime. One by which the proof is absolutely clear. And for years now, I imply we’re happening seven years because the crime, 5 years since folks began going to jail for it, for years folks have been doing backflips to ensure there aren’t any penalties for the man who dedicated the crime and was the one one to profit from it. The aim was to assist Donald Trump’s marketing campaign for president.

He did grow to be the president. Which apparently does provide you with carte Blanche to remain out of handcuffs for 4 years whereas occupying the oval workplace. However not after. It doesn’t final when you’re out, as soon as you’re out of the oval workplace you’re supposed to return to being the form of one who isn’t allowed to get caught committing crimes with out having to pay. It has taken alt of those years, I’m completely satisfied to say Stormy Daniels is doing nice. She’s doing higher than nice. We’re about to seek out out if we are able to say the identical in regards to the rule of legislation and the justice system which they royally screwed up.

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The case itself isn’t difficult. It’s pretty open and shut. Donald Trump broke the legislation by paying Stormy Daniels hush cash in the course of the 2016 presidential marketing campaign. We all know that Donald Trump is the person behind the crime. Donald Trump benefitted from the crime, however as a result of he made it to the White Home, Trump was ready to make use of the facility of the presidency to cowl up his crime and block investigations.

Electing Joe Biden president didn’t repair the rule of legislation and the Division of Justice. The DOJ might by no means be the identical once more. Precedents have been set that one other corrupt future president might simply comply with.

The easiest way to reestablish the rule of legislation in the US is to criminally cost Donald J. Trump.



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