Home Entertainment Yellowjackets Season 2’s Gross Feast Scene Has Roots in Actual Traditions

Yellowjackets Season 2’s Gross Feast Scene Has Roots in Actual Traditions



The cannibalism scene is each elevated and made mysterious by an intercut sequence that the episode would not clarify. In it, the group sits wearing what seems to be Historical Greek feast put on. They put on toga-like garments, sport elegant hairdos, and are adorned with golden circlets, beads, and laurels. Because the real-life Yellowjackets are determined and chilly within the darkness, this imagined model of them sits at a warmly lit feast desk, eyeing each other tentatively earlier than tearing into the meals set earlier than them. As they eat their fill, they change into stained with wine, laughing via mouths filled with fruit and meat.

This cross-cut scene is evocative, however its which means is not immediately clear. Not like different scenes of hallucination or creativeness, this appears much less like a delusion and extra like a message to the viewers, meant to place the group’s choice inside a darkish custom. We may even see them as monsters or determined animals, however they image themselves as (initially) civil and even celebratory in a second that appears virtually holy.

The feast scene turns into far more comprehensible when put inside the context of historic Greek traditions, which function a number of myths and historic anecdotes about cannibalistic rituals and sacrifices.



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