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Why would any NBA workforce need Nets Kyrie Irving?



Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving
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Ultimately, a while manner down the street, after amassing tons of of thousands and thousands of {dollars}, Kyrie Irving goes to get his. By that time although, it’ll be manner too late in life to show him that he’s ever carried out something flawed. When the information broke that Irving demanded a commerce from the Brooklyn Nets on Friday, the query that adopted “Are you able to fucking consider this man?” was “The place is he going to finish up?”

There are two solutions. The primary is the Los Angeles Lakers. There’s one participant within the historical past of the league that’s been capable of corral Irving into seasons of productive basketball, and that’s LeBron James.

The second is the Shanghai Sharks as a result of although not all guards can provide you 27 with the aptitude and ball dealing with of Kyrie, there are many guys who can rating 25 an evening with out the day by day thoughts video games (migraines?).

Does a Kyrie-LeBron sequel = Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook Half 2?

Sorry, that subhead is totally troll-some, and I assume Durant would relatively retire than play with Westbrook once more. That stated, there’s an excessive amount of irony within the Lakers-Nets commerce situation to disregard it.

Durant always chirps about how he just wants to hoop and ignore the chatter. Irving has never been about that despite his claims to the contrary. Yet Westbrook will give you every ounce of effort that he has even if the energy is ultimately misplaced, and will tell the media to go fuck themselves, too.

What I’m wondering is how Los Angeles and Brooklyn get a deal done without shipping Brodie cross country. And if that happens, which would have to happen in the next week, where does that leave Durant?

When you whittle down the trade partners, only a few teams make sense (Dallas), or even have the cajones (Clippers and Lakers), to think they can get two to three months of drama-free basketball out of Irving, and never underestimate the Lakers ability to throw all sense of responsibility into the Pacific when backed into a corner.

The Nets should call Irving’s bluff, which will end his career

I highly doubt Irving gets moved because he executed this demand about as poorly as humanly possible. The Nets are 31-20 and currently occupy the fourth seed in the East. There’s no reason for them to make a trade other than the fact that they’re negotiating with someone who’s willing to destroy everything for ideals that no one, not even himself, can define.

Let’s be real, at this point we’re all counting down the days until Irving goes full Stephon Marbury and is forced to finish his career in China. He should be there already. Go play in the Big 3, or revive the And 1 Mixtape Tour. Kyrie is seriously a sideshow at this stage of his career, and this is as much performance art as that time Shai LeBeouf strolled the red carpet with a bag on his head.

If you happen to clicked on this questioning in case your workforce goes to land Irving, god make it easier to. Each group within the NBA, together with Brooklyn, could be higher off rattling a wasps nest than letting Irving inside 300 toes of the workforce facility.

Even when I’m flawed, and Irving goes to the Lakers and wins one other title, I’ll by no means admit it. And in some fucked up manner, I believe that’s what Kyrie would like. 



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