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The Looney Tunes Dub Over Warner Bros. Classics for April Fools

Picture: WB Animation/HBO Max

Yesterday was April Fools, and as at all times, meaning the web was stuffed with jokes and goofs. For manufacturers, this implies attempting to pull off gags with various ranges of success, like Sega up and releasing a straight up visible novel for Sonic the Hedgehog that’s apparently fairly good. However all the pieces that transpired on this considerably cursed vacation has been overshadowed by probably the most easiest of joys: Twitter movies of Looney Tunes speaking over footage from numerous Warner Bros. media.

As Cartoon Community spent April Fools airing an all-day marathon of varied Looney Tunes reveals (together with the beloved 2011 sequence), Emmy-winning voice actor Eric Bauza dubbed the character voices over scenes from Batman Ceaselessly, 2019’s It, even Riverdale and the unique Rush Hour. Among the interactions have the voices you’d count on (naturally, Sylvester can be the Pennywise to Tweety’s Georgie), however that doesn’t take away from how humorous they’re. We’ve posted a few of what we predict are the funniest down beneath.

The April Fools gag comes days ahead of a big milestone for Warner Bros. On Tuesday, April 4, it turns 100 years old, and the Looney Tunes debuted in 1930, fairly early into the studio’s lifetime. Over the decades, the Tunes have taken some interesting (if not strange) turns like becoming two-time sports icons, superheroes, babies, and co-stars with Brendan Fraser. (If you’re curious about all of that, Patrick Willems covered the historical past of the Tunes in a video from again in February.) They usually’ve additionally just lately completed a crossover with The Wizard of Oz, as one other a part of WB’s 100-year celebration.

If all of this acquired fun out of you, then excellent news—HBO Max may have new shorts for Looney Tunes Cartoons hitting the platform on Thursday, April 6.

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