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The Lengthy Twilight of Iran



Ali Vaez: “The Islamic Republic is now the place the Soviet Union was within the early Eighties. The system is ideologically bankrupt, at a political useless finish, and incapable of addressing its structural financial and societal troubles. It nonetheless has the desire to battle, as evidenced by its brutal response to the uprisings. However no quantity of pressure will finish the standoff with its folks, which is primarily the results of the regime’s failures throughout the board. There’s little left of the guarantees made throughout the 1979 revolution to construct a shining, pious metropolis on a hill.”

“In observe, the regime has created a militarized republic of worry wherein mediocrity is glorified and lying institutionalized. The Islamic Republic’s architects vowed there can be egalitarian prosperity for all, however as an alternative, they delivered affluence for a number of and ruined what was as soon as a booming financial system. They promised paradise on earth after which dried out the land and polluted the air, imperiling a civilization that has survived for 7,000 years.”

“The Islamic Republic is now a hole misnomer. It’s a theocracy that has inadvertently secularized the inhabitants. It’s a republic that has demolished the participatory base it as soon as used to legitimize its rule. By steadily tightening his circle of insiders, Supreme Chief Ali Khamenei has sidelined an growing variety of the unique revolutionaries and different politicians who sought to place the system on a greater path.”

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