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The Cloverfield Monster’s Clumsiness Was By Design



In an interview with “Cloverfield” creature designer Neville Web page across the time of the film’s launch, io9 requested about Clover’s clumsiness. The outlet famous that producer J.J. Abrams had even referred to the monster as a “child” within the movie’s press notes. “I’d have most well-liked that or not it’s even clumsier. However then it might get comical,” Web page admitted. He added:

“Sure, it was the intention that it’s a child and it isn’t solely growing its energy but in addition its land legs. The proportions are meant to really feel just a little like a new child deer or horse. Lengthy, skinny, and barely awkward.”

Web page would go on to repurpose sure points of Clover’s physiology together with his design for the anonymous alien customer from Abrams’ 2011 Amblin love letter “Tremendous 8” (corresponding to the overall facial construction). Noticeably, nonetheless, the extra-terrestrial in “Tremendous 8” is way much less ungainly of their proportions, suggesting they’re meant to be a fully-mature member of their species, kind of.

Chatting with SYFY in honor of “Cloverfield” turning 15 in January 2023, Matt Reeves additional confirmed that Clover being an toddler was a part of the creature’s “definitive” backstory and that its clumsiness was meant to be a mirrored image of this:

“For certain we did. As a result of it’s a must to determine [out] methods to direct the monster, so to talk. So it’s a must to perceive what is going on on with them emotionally. And for me, the massive secret was that the monster was a child and was experiencing separation anxiousness. The explanation the monster was freaking out is as a result of they had been having matches based mostly on in search of their mom.”



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