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Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Moments That Make No Sense



As an historical goddess, Anthea (Rachel Zegler) has greater than her fair proportion of mystical items. Her principal energy seems to be the power to warp bodily actuality at will. The movie makes use of some fairly beautiful visuals paying homage to the mirror dimension sequences conjured up by Physician Unusual within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Anthea’s powers are enjoyable to look at, however they’re undermined by the dearth of rationalization of how they work, because it’s by no means fairly clear whether or not she’s bodily altering actuality or if she’s using some type of psychological misdirection or one thing else solely. For instance, when Shazam confronts her in her true kind for the primary time, she shuffles many skyscrapers round to gradual him down. Once more, it seems to be cool, however did she really rearrange downtown Philadelphia or rewrite actuality or create illusions to throw him off? I am not asking for any scientific exposition on how a deity’s powers work. I simply need a bit of consistency, that is all.



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