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Levitating Banana Is An Glorious Dialog Starter



“I actually like your floating banana.” If that’s one thing you’ve at all times needed your company to say when visiting your lounge, this levitating banana challenge from [ElectroBing] is for you.

The design is easy. It depends on a electromagnet to carry the banana into the air. As bananas aren’t often ferromagnetic, a easy bar magnet is fitted to the banana to permit it to be drawn to the electromagnet. One may insert the magnets extra stealthily contained in the banana, although this is able to include the chance that somebody might by chance eat them, which may be lethal.

After all, usually, the magnet would both be too weak to carry the banana, or so robust that it merely attracted the banana till it made contact. To get the non-contact levitating impact, some circuitry is required. A corridor impact sensor is put in immediately below the electromagnet. Because the banana’s magnet will get nearer to the electromagnet, the corridor impact sensor’s output voltage goes down. As soon as it drops under a sure threshold, a management circuit cuts energy to the electromagnet. Because the banana falls away, energy is restored, pulling the banana again up. By fastidiously controlling the facility to the electromagnet on a steady foundation, the banana may be made to drift a brief distance away in mid-air.

It’s a enjoyable construct, and one which teaches many helpful classes in each physics and electronics. Different levitation methods exist, too, similar to by using ultrasound. Video after the break.



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