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Kivas Fajo Is Truly Star Trek’s Most Evil Villain



There are, after all, different capitalist characters all through “Star Trek.” The Ferengi, for example, are a species so dedicated to wealth and acquisition that they’ve fashioned their whole society and faith round cash. They, nonetheless, are usually introduced as comedic antagonists, not often providing up any sort of authentic menace to life. their best sins are their exploitation of staff (additionally their vicious sexism, however that is a separate difficulty). Fajo is so depraved in his single-minded pursuit of wealth that he has ceased to worth the lives of others. 

In a really “Star Trek” sense, Fajo is the final word villain, in that he’s the logical results of lifelong acquisitive pondering. He’s end-stage capitalism, prepared to take advantage of and kill for mere objects, feeling no regret or compunction about it. Fajo is why “Star Trek” is post-money. The thought to bettering one’s self by means of gathering stuff will solely lead to an entire rewiring of 1’s ethical code. Fajo has lengthy since rewired himself, leaving him able to solely flip, bourgeois evils. He’s maybe the wickedest character in “Star Trek.”

And he is okay with that. “The Most Toys” is just not about Fajo rising a conscience after being introduced along with his crimes. It is concerning the ordinarily impassive android Information realizing that he can certainly really feel one thing akin to rage. Sufficient, it appears, to kill Fajo. Information really pulls a set off on Fajo, however is beamed out on the final second by rescuers. Fajo is spared, however Information was going to kill him along with his personal Varon-T disruptor. Fajo is apprehended. 



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