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John Wayne Pushed Maureen O’Hara Down That Muddy Hill In McLintock!

The scene in query was to characteristic Wayne and O’Hara standing on the sting of a muddy precipice whereas all the movie’s comedic and romantic shenanigans had been exacerbated because of an trying lynching (sure, the movie is sort of problematic). The lynching fortunately does not occur, and the tried attackers had been to fall into the mud pit, getting as soiled on the surface as they’re on the within. The various townsfolk who did fall into the mud had been performed by stunt performers, and O’Hara was ready to step apart and let her double do the soiled work. 

Wayne defined on “Donahue” that it was a particular type of plaster that the filmmakers used for mud, and that many had been reluctant to do the stunt as a result of it was a chilly day, and one of many stunt performers had already injured themselves on a barbed wire fence. He stated: 

“Not solely I really did it, Marine O’Hara really did it. And I am going to clarify one thing to you. The stuntmen, we had taken this place and put some plaster in these items after which put that type of mud they use in oil wells, after which on … ooh, it is slimy! And it was about 54 levels, the wind blowing from the north, and someone had let the barbed wire fence down, so it was chilly. And one among these stuntmen went down and tried it and he minimize his head.”

In fact, after an damage a variety of renegotiation instantly started to happen. A few of the stunt performers reconsidered their every day wage, and commenced asking for larger wages. Wayne did not declare his motivation for doing so, however he did appear to overhear the monetary discussions, and appeared to really feel that Maureen O’Hara might do a greater, cheaper job than her double.



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