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How Star Wars Was a Uncommon Father-Son Collaboration for Composer John Williams



The primary, however not final, big-screen Williams collaboration happened through the scoring for “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi.” When it got here to writing the otherworldly lyrics for “Lapti Nek” (carried out by the Max Rebo Band on Jabba the Hutt’s skiff) and “Ewok Celebration” (aka “Yub Nub”), John turned to his burgeoning singer-songwriter son. Joseph really penned phrases in English for these ditties, which, in line with a 2022 Mel Journal article by Tim Grierson, have been “translated” into the invented languages of Ewok and no matter Rebo’s lead singer is warbling.

Tragically, each numbers have been excised from the movie’s “Particular Version.” This could possibly be a 49-year-old’s nostalgia speaking, however the substitute numbers lack the earthy texture of the unique songs. “Yub Nub” is foolish, however so are the Ewoks. “Lapti Nek” really appears like an alien pop track. I would like to see these tracks returned to “Return of the Jedi,” if solely as a result of they are a joyous collaboration between the Williams household.

We have nonetheless bought the Williams duo’s “Augie’s Nice Municipal Band” cue on the finish of “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace,” however it will doubtless be it. The 91-year-old John simply knocked out the rating for James Mangold’s “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Future,” however time is drawing sadly finite. As for Joseph, he is pleased with the music they’ve created collectively. “I’ve by no means judged myself in opposition to him, ever,” he advised Mel. “I went down a barely totally different path and did fairly properly, however mine lacks among the self-discipline that he grew up with.”

While you’re evaluating your self to John Williams, “doing fairly properly” is a roaring success.



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