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Hayden Christensen Did not Assume Twice About Reprising Darth Vader for Star Wars: Ahsoka



When George Lucas made his prequel movies, he appeared much less fascinated about paying homage to the early Twentieth-century sci-fi serials as he did with “Star Wars: A New Hope,” and extra invested in recapturing their ethos, however with then-modern computer-generated results. But, simply as Gus Van Sant demonstrated the artwork of the previous can’t be separated from its context with his shot-for-shot “Psycho” remake, what Lucas actually proved was simply how a lot house operas and galactic adventures have modified and developed — together with viewers expectations — over time, due to his authentic “Star Wars” trilogy.

Throughout an interview with The Guardian in Could 2022, Hayden Christensen reasoned “Star Wars” followers feeling a way of “possession” was additionally a think about how the prequels have been obtained, particularly the place it involved the extra poisonous criticisms of his efficiency within the movies. He defined: 

“I believe it simply goes again to the form of possession that folks really feel in the direction of these characters. It is virtually like public area. These characters actually do belong to everyone.”

“I assume the impression that I bought from George Lucas was that if they do not like them, then they do not ‘get’ it — and that was adequate for me,” the actor added. Lucas, in his personal phrases, has stated he knew he may by no means meet fan expectations with the “Star Wars” prequels, so he tried to make the movies he wished to see as a substitute. For some (this author included), the ensuing motion pictures have been curiously hole, but politically intrepid and filled with potential that will be correctly realized with later “Star Wars” initiatives, making it simpler to understand them on reflection. For others, the prequels even acted as their gateway to having fun with “Star Wars” as an entire, profoundly flawed they could be.



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