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George Lucas All the time Noticed Star Wars As A Sequence Meant For Youngsters



Within the interview, a voiceover mentions that “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” had disenchanted some followers regardless of making near a billion {dollars}. The voiceover added, “Lucas says he is heard this earlier than.” The “Star Wars” creator weighed in: 

“What occurs is the older those that see the film get very upset with this form of youthful — you realize, I will not say we’re on the ‘Barney’ degree, however on the youthful points of the flicks, they usually’re in all the flicks. And in ‘Empire Strikes Again,’ the identical factor occurred to 3PO. They hated 3PO. They mentioned that that jabbering — if that robotic talked anymore, it is so irritating. After which I did the following movie, which had Ewoks in it, and these older followers, and the older adults, all went berserk. After which in ‘Phantom’ it was about (the character) Jar Jar.”

I bear in mind listening to older youngsters saying that the film sucked as a result of the Ewoks had been initially going to be Wookies, and Ewoks had been for infants. Whereas I completely love Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) with my complete coronary heart, I used to be precisely the precise age for cute, and murder-y teddy bears combating in opposition to evil. (I really actually appreciated C-3P0 as nicely.) I believe the difficulty was much less about whether or not this was made for kids or not, and extra that the sequence and the overarching story had such mass attraction that folks of all ages cherished it. That’s at all times going to result in folks wanting the following one to be for them particularly. It is at all times been so in fandom. 

Jar Jar Binks … nicely, he was a catastrophe. That was by no means about an age group. My sincerest apologies to Ahmed Finest. Really.



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