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For My February Venture Syndicate Column…



New Deal Order, Neoliberalism, Neofascism, Oligarchic Kleptocrism—which of those are reside political-economic choices for the long run. This column draft will not be (but) the place I would like it to be, so I’m retaining it paid subscribers-only.

I’m focused on seeing what the Venture Syndicate editors determine to do with it…


“Portrait of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt Roosevelt, by Claude Monet”, by Steady Diffusion by way of NightCare

My massive Twentieth-century economic-history e book of final fall Slouching In direction of Utopia <https://www.amazon.com/dp/0465019595> didn’t have a “the long run” or a “what we should always do subsequent” chapter My frequent co-author Steve Cohen argued me out of getting such a chapter: in historical past books, he correctly noticed, such a chapter is all the time outdated and appears foolish not more than six months after publication. Together with it vastly erodes the credibility of the remainder of the e book.

But when I had been to have written a final trying ahead into the long run chapter for my slouching in direction of utopia, what ought to have mentioned?



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