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DOOM Ported To A Single LEGO Brick



By now you’ve all seen the tiny LEGO brick with a working display in it. The work of 1 [James “Ancient” Brown], it was really a masterpiece of miniaturization and creativity. Since then, [James] hasn’t stopped innovating. Now, he’s demoing a playable model of DOOM operating on a single plastic brick.

We’ve lined the development of these astounding display bricks earlier than. Lengthy story brief, [James] designed a tiny PCB that hosts an RP2040 microcontroller which is then hooked as much as a tiny OLED display. The elements are positioned in a silicone mildew, which is then stuffed with clear resin to kind the brick. The display is then powered through contacts within the backside, very similar to older-style LEGO motors.

Early experiments concerned operating varied graphics to emulate a spaceship dashboard, however [James] has now gone a lot additional. He’s applied RP2040-doom to run the sport. It makes use of tilt controls because of an accelerometer, mixed with capacitive contact controls for taking pictures. The monochrome OLED is pushed very quick with a particular library of [James’] personal creation to create three ranges of grayscale to make the sport truly seen and (simply barely) playable.

It’s a hack, in fact, and the controls are removed from excellent. No one’s speed-running E1M1 on [James’s] LEGO brick, to make certain. Perchance. With that mentioned, it’s nonetheless a wonderful piece of labor nonetheless. Simply think about, sitting with mates, and saying you’re going to play some DOOM — solely to pluck a bit of LEGO out of your pocket and begin blasting away at demons.

Simply because [James] doesn’t know when to stop, we’re going to put down the gauntlet. Let’s get community play occurring on this stuff, yeah?

Because of [Måns Almered] for the tip!



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