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Does The Finish Of Yellowjackets’ Season 2 Episode 2 Seal Coach Ben’s Destiny?



In a wonderfully comprehensible determination, the group decides to cremate Jackie’s physique after Shauna (Sophie Nélisse) has taken on an especially unhealthy behavior of conversing with Jackie’s frozen, useless corpse. As one of many authentic voices of cause and order early on, Ben has now been principally relegated to the sidelines. Having his leg amputated by the youthful Misty (Samantha Hanratty) has left him depressed and unengaged, and he has a rising resentment in the direction of the workforce he used to have a lot pleasure in teaching. 

After they lastly commit the unthinkable act of consuming one among their very own, Ben seems to be on in horror after they begin to devour their teammate with an nearly trance-like dedication. He seems to be completely revolted by what he is witnessing and stays hidden away within the background. Jackie’s physique has supplied all of them sustenance that will hold them from ravenous, however finally, their gaze might flip in the direction of Ben. He is an apparent outsider now and is changing into extra of a burden to the group than an asset. 

As the opposite male of the group, consideration must also be paid to the youthful model of Travis (Kevin Alves) who’s seen having intercourse with Nat (Sophie Thatcher) and likewise having visions of Lottie (Courtney Eaton) whereas caught up within the throes of ardour. As the fireplace burns on Jackie’s funeral pyre, the warmth coming off of Travis and Nat appears to awaken one thing within the darkness outdoors. A gust of wind out of the blue picks up, inflicting a blast of snow to fall off a tree instantly above the blaze. The snow cools the fireplace as if it is nearly making ready Jackie’s physique to be as appetizing as attainable. 

Inadvertently, the Yellowjackets might have found the perfect technique to put together a human physique for consumption. 



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