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Denis Villeneuve Was Terrified By The Chance Of Really Directing Dune



Denis Villenueve, luckily, felt extra than simply concern when provided the possibility to adapt Frank Herbert’s work. “The joy of doing it was way more highly effective than the concern,” he stated. “Even simply opening up the ebook and studying that first web page as soon as once more, it was like, ‘Ah! There it’s. I see it!’ If I can get even 10% of that [he points to his head] on the display, I’ll have succeeded.”

Though we have solely seen half of Villeneuve’s adaptation up to now, it is secure to say he is gotten extra than simply 10% of the novel on display. He someway captured the sheer scale and fantastic thing about the sandworms as described within the books, and he managed to not less than partly compensate for the supply materials’s fixed inside narrations. We do not get to listen to any characters’ ideas in Villeneuve’s adaptation, however he did invent a new signal language for the Atreides to make use of, which helped bridge a few of that hole. 

After all, not the whole lot from the ebook has made it into Villeneuve’s work. There is a ton of political scheming within the first half of “Dune,” most of it centering round Jessica, Leto and Paul making an attempt to determine the identification of the Harkonnen spy they believe is amongst them. Nearly all of that is lower from the movie, which admittedly is sensible: This storyline was the place the ebook most relied on giving us the character’s direct ideas. And even with out this subplot, the primary “Dune” movie nonetheless felt prefer it was struggling to incorporate as a lot because it may. 

However total, Villenueve has confirmed himself proper for ignoring that preliminary concern. His first “Dune” movie was undeniably spectacular, and there isn’t any cause to assume “Dune: Half 2” can be any totally different. 



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