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Column: DeSantis Faces CNN Smears of Racism in Training



Anybody watching leftist cable information channels is aware of that it’s thought of honest commentary to categorize Republicans, individually, or collectively, as “white nationalists” or “white supremacists.” Anybody standing in the way in which of the Black Lives Matter/Crucial Race Idea campaign is dealt the Racist card.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis scored a political win in pressuring the School Board to tone down their proposed Superior Placement curriculum on “African-American Research.” Each conservative is aware of from expertise that whenever you place “research” in entrance of a minority group – black research, queer research, Native American research, girls’s research – you possibly can count on a extremely ideological journey.

DeSantis dared to tackle the Left, and for this, he’s despised by the press, particularly the under-40 contingent that’s most fervently “woke.” On February 1, CNN anchor Bianna Golodryga requested former Obama training secretary Arne Duncan for his sizzling tackle the DeSantis objections, she drew predictable outcomes.  

Duncan started: “Sadly, , Governor DeSantis has been very, very clear he has what seems to be a white nationalist agenda.” Duncan supplied no proof for his inflammatory smear, and Golodryga didn’t ask for it.

Duncan wasn’t completed: “And what I hate most is he simply at all times assaults probably the most weak, whether or not the AP African-American historical past, whether or not it’s the LGBTQ group, whether or not it’s immigrants, he at all times assaults probably the most weak.” He added that he hopes voters “do not assume that’s what our nation wants – is extra bullying, extra attacking on people who want our assist and our assist.”

Democrats at all times act like solely their constituencies are “weak,” and may by no means be plausibly challenged or criticized for something, as a result of that is “bullying.” Their supporters can by no means be too radical or cynical or hateful. However when you’re black or homosexual or an immigrant and also you criticize Democrats, that’s clearly totally different. You then’re a traitor to your group.

The Large Lie – to borrow from every day CNN lingo – is that Republicans object to instructing slavery or segregation in American historical past courses, or as Duncan claimed, they need to “cover the robust elements.” As an alternative, the objections heart on modern propaganda about “intersectionality and activism,” “incarceration and abolition [of prisons],”and boosterism for Black Lives Matter.

Afterward the identical day, CNN host Laura Coates proclaimed the necessity “to make clear and fact-check what has been mentioned,” and introduced on Robert Patterson, who teaches African American Research at Georgetown College. Naturally, he instructed DeSantis & Co. had been marinating in white supremacy: “What this course is doing is difficult white supremacy, is difficult anti-Black racism, and fairly frankly, that appears to be a part of the difficulty that the state of Florida has taken with the course.”

CNN didn’t inform viewers how radical this professor is. In 2020, Patterson extolled Black Lives Matter in one tutorial journal for his or her “rejection of capitalism as a broader critique of neoliberalism’s forceful function in sustaining black dispossession” and for providing ”a framework by means of which to enact short-term change, whereas pushing to dismantle the bigger system of antiblack racism that’s refracted by means of world capitalism.”

Patterson works at a “Catholic” school and he additionally lauded BLM for his or her “concurrent assault in opposition to intraracial sexism, heterosexism, and transphobia,” as “BLM deprivileges heteronormativity to point out that black freedom desires should embrace gender and sexual liberation.” So let’s guess if Patterson was absolutely in assist of the AP course earlier than DeSantis objected, you possibly can perceive how fervently it might search to brainwash high-school children.

Ron DeSantis was simply re-elected with 59 % of the vote, however CNN and their left-wing friends need to recommend that he’s the one which’s “exterior the mainstream.” 



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