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BS Bots and Blue Checks



There was a lot to speak about in tech currently. In this episode, host Russ Roberts welcomes again considered one of our favourite tech-watchers, Arnold Kling, to speak about these newest developments- together with Elon Musk’s acquisition of twitter, the implosion of FTX and the scandal-plagued Sam Bankman-Fried, and the discharge of Chat GPT.

We all know you’ve been watching all these developments, too, and as at all times, we need to hear from you. So convey it on! Whether or not it’s what your ChatGPT prompts introduced again, your expertise with the now (in)well-known blue test (or lock!) in your twitter profile, or your ideas on any of my prompts under. Let’s preserve the dialog going!



1- Since Musk’s acquisition of twitter, do you see a kind of hands-off strategy, significantly to content material moderation? What are the 2 sorts of errors Kling sees going through remark/content material moderators? What may you recommend to mitigate these two sorts of errors? (Or are Feedback sections a misplaced trigger???) Extra importantly, do you agree with Kling that the “tradition of free speech” is in decline? Clarify.


2- Why can’t Web corporations (social media platforms particularly) function on a marginal value pricing mannequin? Kling thinks promoting is not one of the best income for such corporations. How may worth discrimination be successfully employed? What different income sources are you able to consider (and the way do you assume they is likely to be acquired by platform customers)?


3- Kling says he has by no means been a crypto optimist, whereas admitting that there are good use circumstances. What may a few of these use circumstances be? How about you? Are you a crypto optimist? Why or why not?


4- Roberts reminds Kling that early on, Kling in contrast SBF to Jeff Bezos. What does Kling say he bought proper and flawed about every? How does these two circumstances illustrate the position of enterprise capital versus (intra) company innovation?


5- To this point, Kling sees ChatGPT as “an amazing BS artist.” What do you see as its potential benefits and drawbacks? Once more, are you optimistic or pessimistic about it going ahead? And the way worries are you about the issue of deception creating an “arms race” between bots and people that Kling fears?




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