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BRIEFLY NOTED: For 2023-01-29 Su



Amber, Erika, & Michael DeLong: Ep 77 – We Ain’t in Good Fingers After All: Racism and the Insurance coverage Business: ‘On this episode, Amber and Erika are joined by Michael DeLong, Analysis and Advocacy Affiliate from the Shopper Analysis Federation of America, to debate how racism insidiously and nefariously impacts the American insurance coverage trade. Michael walks us by way of the components which can be used to calculate the price of insurance coverage for most individuals – credit score, schooling, zip code, and job titles, simply to call a couple of. As anticipated, the racial disparities inherent in these components naturally spill out into the pricing of insurance coverage and dealing with of insurance coverage claims. We focus on some actual world examples of insurance coverage discrimination and the impression it has on Black households making an attempt to guard their most useful property. After which we conclude with Michael offering the Brokers some sensible recommendations on spot whether or not they’re experiencing discrimination and what steps will be taken if that’s true. Tune in and get the news!…


From 1996:

Ian Leslie has the context:

Ian Leslie: Ethical Hygiene: A thinker’s apology and why it failed: ‘After repudiating his earlier assertion… he then spent more room discussing these points than he had spent apologising. This has been, comprehensible, badly obtained…. He [then] added this… to the entrance web page of his web site…. “generally I’ve the impression that the world is a conspiracy to distract us from what’s vital—alternatively by whispering to us about tempting alternatives, at different occasions by buzzing menacingly round our ears like a swarm of bloodthirsty mosquitos”. The “swarm of bloodthirsty mosquitos”  has been taken to confer with the individuals who have been upset by his apology. Hardly a phrase calculated to enhance the state of affairs. Bostrom has made a traditional politician’s error: his apology wasn’t actually an apology and he then blamed his critics for focussing on the difficulty…

Individuals who really feel put upon and don’t perceive why others are asking for an apology maintain digging. Individuals who need to apologize say not “that didn’t characterize my views” however moderately: “I’m profoundly embarrassed that I used to be the one who wrote that. I very a lot hope I’m not that particular person now. I apologize unreservedly.” FULL STOP.

To not point out, there are all of the intelligence points round, not being a moron and never being a dick. A really fundamental a part of the fundamental human-intelligence portfolio is to grasp at a really early age that language is, considerably, merely a bag of the phrases that you just use. Counting on the fantastic parsing of sentence construction and taking refuge within the “use-mention” distinction by no means saves you from being regarded as—from being—a moron, and an asshole, nor ought to it.

In Nick Bostrom’s case—and in lots of others—there appears to be a particular inverse correlation between the varieties of psychological behaviors they worth on the one hand, and what regular folks consider as “not being actually silly” on the opposite.

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Eric Foner: The Structure Has a 155-Yr-Outdated Reply to the Debt Ceiling: ‘Our Structure isn’t self-enforcing. The 14th Modification concludes by empowering Congress to hold out its provisions. But when the present Home of Representatives abdicates this duty, throwing the nation into default by refusing to lift the debt restrict, President Biden ought to act on his personal, taking steps to make sure that the federal authorities meets its monetary obligations, because the Structure requires…

Dan Drezner: The Finish of the Mental Focal Level: ‘Thought leaders won’t need to be constrained by… however they do need to be talked about by institutions. They like lengthy profiles about their mental arc or consideration of simply how transgressive their concepts actually are…. Twitter had proved to be a helpful focus…. Elon Musk managed to alter all of that in lower than 4 months. As a information aggregator it nonetheless has some utility. As a spot for commentary and evaluation it has turn out to be a ghost city…

Matthew Ball: Why VR/AR Will get Farther Away as It Comes Into Focus: ‘The immense issue of XR additionally explains why “the graphics appear like they’re from the Wii” is definitely a praise—it’s a bit like saying an grownup ran 100 meters as quick as a 12-year-old, though the grownup was carrying a 50-pound backpack and fixing math issues on the similar time…. The revealing of Apple’s mixed-reality machine this spring can be… vital… [because] Apple… routinely crack[s] open… long-stagnant or slowly growing computing fashions…

Jonathan V. Final: Charles McGonigal and the Deep State: ‘If the McGonigal allegations are confirmed, then we’ve got a wholly new set of issues. Not simply that one political occasion was prepared to turn out to be the cat’s paw of a overseas authorities, however {that a} key a part of America’s regulation enforcement equipment was in on the sport. In different phrases: An precise Deep State. As at all times, projection is the sincerest type of Trumpism…

Matthew Yglesias: ‘I’ve discovered it very difficult to have an area the place folks acknowledge the fact that intercourse chromosomes and related hormones are a giant deal in life with out the discourse instantly evolving in a dehumanizing and hateful course. The entire state of affairs provides me lots of agita and I can see why a lot of folks want to simply duck it. It’s actually gross and ugly to be related to the not-dead-yet bloc of rightists who by no means reconciled themselves to marriage equality and need homosexual folks again within the closet. There’s additionally lots of people whose essential curiosity on this subject appears to be that they take pleasure in being recreationally merciless to trans adults…

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