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Biden’s Speech Most likely Gained’t Matter



Charlie Sykes: “I apologize prematurely for my underwhelming curiosity in tonight’s SOTU, however my jadedness (if that may be a phrase) has been onerous received. For nicely over 40 years, I’ve watched the pomp, ceremony, and hype of the crucial-make-or-break-bully-pulpit pageant, and I frankly can’t keep in mind something from any of them, apart from the theatrical sideshows. (‘You lie!’)”

“I’m positive Joe Biden will give a workmanlike speech, stuffed with substance, lists of accomplishments, and poignant tales of individuals within the galleries, however he will likely be talking to a performative Home majority that wouldn’t know precise substance if it was zapped within the face by a Jewish area laser.”

“To the extent there’s any drama, it should most likely heart on whether or not Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert begin screaming on the president (or each other)… once more.

Kaleigh Rogers: In protection of the mostly-pointless State of the Union.

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