Home Politics An Even Deadlier Pandemic May Quickly Be Right here

An Even Deadlier Pandemic May Quickly Be Right here



Zeynep Tufekci: “Chicken flu — identified extra formally as avian influenza — has lengthy hovered on the horizons of scientists’ fears. This pathogen, particularly the H5N1 pressure, hasn’t usually contaminated people, however when it has, 56 % of these identified to have contracted it have died. Its incapability to unfold simply, if in any respect, from one particular person to a different has saved it from inflicting a pandemic.”

“However issues are altering. The virus, which has lengthy brought about outbreaks amongst poultry, is infecting increasingly migratory birds, permitting it to unfold extra extensively, even to numerous mammals, elevating the danger {that a} new variant may unfold to and amongst individuals.”

“Alarmingly, it was lately reported {that a} mutant H5N1 pressure was not solely infecting minks at a fur farm in Spain but additionally most probably spreading amongst them, unprecedented amongst mammals.”

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