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Tiny PCB PiezoPiano Performs Simply One Octave

Grand pianos are lovely devices, however take up altogether an excessive amount of house. Upright pianos are smaller, however nonetheless pretty hefty. In terms of the PiezoPiano, although, we suspect no one may complain about its diminutive dimension. It’s a tiny factor with only one buzzy little octave to your taking part in pleasure.

The PiezoPiano is a single PCB gadget with a ATmega4809 operating the present. It has eight buttons and eight piezo transducers that offer you only one octave’s vary on the keyboard. Fact be informed, that’s solely in a single scale; you’re not getting the entire twelve tones of flats and sharps included. And, after we say keyboard, we actually imply “tactile buttons.” You get the drift. It’s all assembled in a cute enclosure mimicking the form of an actual grand piano.

Basically, it’s a cute little musical desktoy that reminds us drastically of the Stylophone. Impressively, although, these eight buzzers imply it has eight-note polyphony. That’s nothing to smell at in comparison with all of the monophonic synths on the market. It’s additionally obtainable on Tindie when you’d like to purchase a equipment off the shelf. Video after the break.



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