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Picard Season 3 Takes Picard and Riker to Activity For Their Largest Franchise Errors

Shaw does not level it out, however there’s a plot error within the 1998 movie “Star Trek: Revolt” that makes Picard and Riker appear much more irresponsible than they really have been. In that movie, Starfleet, having teamed up with a shady species known as the So’Na, plans to forcibly relocate a distant colony of peaceable Ba’Ku farmers, kidnapping them from their properties. The Ba’Ku planet is house to a uncommon sort of radiation that may rejuvenate dwelling cells and permit individuals to stay for hundreds of years with out rising outdated or turning into sick. Picard commits an rebel to guard the Ba’Ku, feeling that pressured relocation is flawed below any circumstances.

It is stated in “Revolt” that the fountain-of-youth radiation can’t be captured and transported away from the Ba’Ku homeworld with out destroying its supply. It is also defined that the Ba’Ku homeworld is positioned in a area of area that’s troublesome to enter. Many viewers will be capable to see the answer instantly: merely construct a Starfleet medical facility on this planet. Discover methods to extra simply traverse the harmful area of area, make a cope with the Ba’Ku to by no means intervene with their lives, and permit this medical miracle to proliferate among the many many sick individuals who would possibly want it. No motive to relocate anybody, or destroy the supply of life-giving radiation.

As an alternative, Picard does the ridiculous factor, defies order, and fires phasers on the So’Na marauders. Riker will get into one other spacebound firefight, and explosions happen. Picard even blows up the So’Na chief (F. Murray Abraham) out of what seems like spite. And was anybody disciplined for the rebel? Nope.

Sure, it was a foolish strategy to defy Starfleet orders, and Shaw was proper to level out how dangerous issues acquired for Picard. As all the time, Shaw is correct.

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