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Life Path 7: Key Traits, Romantic Compatibility, Profession & Extra

In terms of relationships, keep in mind that life path 7s are typically solitary, sensible, and analytical. They is probably not significantly outward with their affection, however you may wager you may have some super-deep conversations concerning the mysteries of life.

“In love, life path 7s want a associate who’s going to grasp that they want quite a lot of alone time,” Kaerthart tells mindbodygreen. “These individuals are the seekers and the philosophers and so they genuinely simply love spending quite a lot of time on their very own—and so they want it greater than some other quantity,” she explains.

So should you’re paired up with a life path 7, do not take it personally in the event that they need to be by themselves. “They actually need a associate who’s unbiased and also can get deep—the 7 all the time desires to dive into what’s occurring underneath the floor of issues,” Kaerhart provides.

And in the case of compatibility, life path 7s are most appropriate with life paths 4, 5, and seven, and probably 1 and 9. They could not really feel on the identical wavelength as life paths 2, 3, 6, and eight, in line with Kaerhart.



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