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Alexander Skarsgard Saved His Personal Cloned Head As A Memento From Infinity Pool

The Empire Journal article additionally stated that Cronenberg’s inspiration for cloning was rooted in magical realism, quite than hi-tech futurism. “It was all from the angle of dreaminess and surreal impressionism quite than an try to breed precise cloning,” Cronenberg stated. He employed a puppet and particular results designer named Dan Martin to help with the creation, which meant practicality was king. Skarsgård was additionally impressed by the old-school strategy to the cloning. “It isn’t a high-tech facility,” he stated. “They connect a hose to one thing after which a bizarre generator begins pumping, and that is the cloning course of.”

The standard strategy additionally meant that Skarsgård was stripped and dunked into the pink slime for the shoot, just like the world’s weirdest episode of “Ground is Lava.” However because the Empire interview introduced, the main man loved his time within the titular infinity pool. “He has this profile as this Hollywood main man, however he is up for contorting himself and being the newborn,” joked Cronenberg. It sounds just like the shoot of “Infinity Pool” was an expertise Skarsgård will always remember. And if he does, he is no less than obtained a severed head to assist jog his reminiscence.



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